Praise God!

Praise God! He's coming soon! 

The "Harbinger" is a must read for anyone seeking the truth in today's world! Shocking and informative! A fabulous and informative book! It can be had through the library, from Amazon or from Rabbi Cahn's website. Rabbi Cahn is a "Messianic" Rabbi, believing in salvation through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Jonathan Cahn and Perry Stone both have many sermons and uplifting videos on YouTube. 

We follow Jonathan Cahn,  Perry Stone Ministries on YouTube and watch the videos from RockIslandBooks over and over again. I would recommend these to anyone looking to follow the Lord in this covid shutdown.

The following articles are copied from "The Pink Homestead Blog", no longer available. I used to read this blog 20-25 years ago and it really touched me. I kept these posts all of these years and I read them whenever I feel the need. 

"With Blood on My Hands"

"To Give Him Everything"

I read these over and over again, when I feel I need to or whenever I come across them. They are so moving and their message so powerful! When I see them, I have to read them again. 

I praise God for the woman who wrote these and I hope that she is walking with Him and praising Him. The blog closed and I never got the chance to tell her how much her writings have meant to me. Perhaps she will see this and understand and contact me. I hope so!