Baking for the Market


We have begun to sell our baking at the Farmer's Market in Fort Nelson. I sell my soap and some paintings at the market, as well. 

I have taken over the cinnamon
 bun baking and am enjoying it! It takes awhile to make a batch of 24 from start to finish, but it's worth it and I can do other things while they are rising and baking. These cinnamon buns are well known around town and we sell a lot of them in packages of 6. 

I have also begun to make the bread some too. My bread is not always perfect yet and we do have some loaves for sale that are a little "wonky", but they are all pretty good. We don't sell anything that's not good enough, of course.  I'm finding the bread making to be fairly easy, at least compared to the cinnamon buns. We do the kneading in a machine with a dough hook attachment. The days of kneading bread for hours are long past. The rest is easy work, but has to be perfectly timed. 

I do all the cake baking and always have done. I make a chocolate cake and a hummingbird cake to sell at the market and I make cupcakes. Both the "Triple Chocolate Cake" and the "Hummingbird Cake" are very popular.

The cupcakes are gaining in popularity as everyone tries them. They are made with real fruit and I think they are delicious! Usually there are Cherry Almond, Blueberry, Lemon and Chocolate cupcakes in the box but I'm considering adding Strawberry and/or Fresh Orange, as well. Maybe next week! 

The baking keeps us hopping all week. I usually hit the floor running in the am Mon-Fri and start baking immediately. While whatever I'm making is rising, I can start my day and do other things. If I'm baking cakes there is no rising time, of course, but there is the baking time and the cooling time. They have to be completely cooled before I can frost them. Somewhere during this time, I make soap in another room. It's never mixed with the food prep. 

We usually take Sat and Sun off. Saturday is a given, as I am at the market all day anyway and Sunday is a rest day. Its a day we need to sit and do nothing but snooze all day. No baking allowed!

We bake a large variety of things every week but they usually center around types of bread, cakes and cookies. We only make shortbread cookies. We have found that they are the only ones that sell. 

Everything considered, I like the baking. I putter at it. I'm not rushed and I can focus on all the little things that go into it. I think it's the Lord's path for us right now as things seem to be falling in place and He blesses our efforts. All we can do is pray, acknowledge him in all that we do and trust Him to guide our path.

If you are in the Fort Nelson area on a Saturday, come out and shop! The Farmer's Market is in the Elk's Lodge on the highway across from the Lamplighters and the Rec Center.