Making Wine

I am making wine again! Finally! I stopped making it a couple of years ago and have really missed the organic flavour. I don't use sulphite or sorbate in my wine. Wine was made for hundreds of years and safely stored for decades without those chemicals. Store bought wine taste like salt to me, now that I am used to drinking my own wine. 

I have been making my own wine organically for at least a dozen years and have never had a batch go bad, or not make into crystal clear, lovely wine with a bit of clearing work. The key is doing the small things, like thorough sterilization and cool, dark storage. These are very important. Its worth it! 

I have made wine from many tree fruits and berries, of course, but also from herbs and edible flowers. My personal favourites are rose petal and chocolate mint. I loved them both and plan to make them again this year. 

At the moment I have cherry and wild blueberry in the secondary fermenters and apple in the primary fermenter. 

I will be collecting wild rose petals soon! 

Cherry & Wild Blueberry

I sell an ebook "Making Organic Wine At Home". You can access it here, at the tab at the top of the main page.