Healthy Long Hair

Tips for Keeping Long Hair Healthy

Handle gently, especially when its wet

Don’t “wring” the water out of it
Don’t rub it in a towel to dry (friction breaks the hair)
Keep it braided when outdoors, saturate the braid with conditioner
Use a satin pillowcase so the hair slides
Protect it from the sun and wind
Never use a brush, only a wide toothed comb and very gently
Don’t use chemicals on it
Don’t apply heat to it
Follow directions for Washing Long Hair: Before washing, comb it down with only a wide toothed comb. Let it hand down long through the washing process. Do not pile it on your head. Shampoo the scalp and let the shampoo and water run down through the ends. Do the same for conditioner and rinsing. Gently wrap in a towel to pat dry, leaving it down long. Finger comb gently without pulling. Let dry naturally out of the wind before combing with a wide toothed comb.
Colour It Naturally:There are three herbs you can use to colour your hair. All are available at Amazon. All will deep condition your hair as well as colour it.

-       Cassia /Senna:  Deep conditions and adds yellow/gold highlights – Only colours gray and very blond hair, but deep conditions any hair

-         Indigo: permanent black hair dye and deep conditioning.

-         Henna: For Permanent red colour and deep conditioning. ONLY use natural 100% henna. Never buy a “henna hair colour” box from the drug store. Those contain metals and dyes that can react to other things you use on your hair and give you very unexpected results. Use only 100% BAQ (Body Art Quality) henna. On the plus side, it will give you permanent, natural looking red colour that doesn’t fade and deep condition your hair. Henna penetrates the hair shaft to make it stronger. Warning: Henna is very permanent! Be Sure! You cannot remove it, colour over it or bleach it out. Trying to remove it will ruin your hair. Your only choice to be something other than a red head, is to let it grow out and cut it off.

NOTE:  Any of these three above can be mixed together. Frequently mixed is henna and cassia for a less intense red colour. Indigo and henna are mixed together for a very dark, reddish brown/black.