All Things Lavender

I have made Lavender Salve-Scent and new Lavender Soap! Lavender scent helps with headaches and tension. Lavender salve. helps lessen the appearance of scar tissue. You can use the lavender salve as a solid perfume. Smell like lavender everywhere you go! It's strongly scented! 

We will have all lavender things in a special section of the table devoted to Lavender. We have lavender sachets that you can put in drawers, hang in closets or hang in your car. They are very strongly scented! We will have to keep them sealed up at the market so the scent doesn't irritate anyone. 

I have made my non-toxic laundry detergent "Lavender". It softens the clothes as it cleans, making them super soft and now with lavender scent!

I am making a Lavender section on my table at the Farmer's Market in Fort Nelson. 

Everyone loves lavender!

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